1. Object and Scope of the Agreement

1.1. This document is the main purchase and sale agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) between the UAB “Nanotekas” (identification code 302556657) (hereinafter – the Seller) and Purchaser (hereinafter – the Buyer), which determines the overall mutual rights, duties and responsibilities of the purchase of the goods (hereinafter – the Rules) in internet shop www.nanotekas.lv and/or www.nanocare.lt (hereinafter – the Store), buyers and sellers together - Parties and each party separately – Party, consists this Agreement and agrees to all conditions as follows:

1.1.1. This Agreement is made in order to ensure smooth cooperation between the Parties and the high quality of service, granted to the Buyer.

1.1.2. Both parties agree that the person who fills Store user registration form and accept these Rules by selecting the "I agree to the terms of service and adhere to them unconditionally.”, is familiar with the Rules and agrees to fully understand all the Rules and the conditions and obligations.

1.1.3. When a person becomes a registered user of the the Store (by providing all required data in registration form), Shopper acquires the rights and duties of User and has a pending status of the Buyer in this Agreement. The date of person's registration account creation is set as the date of signature of this Agreement. The moment of Buyers registration is determined when a person provides his/hers name, surname and email address.

1.1.4. After agreeing with the site www.nanocare.lt/ rules and conditions described in ths Agreement and orders one or more products in the Store by clicking "I confirm my order" button, the registered user shall indicate its intention to acquire the products and goods in the order (hereinafter in the Agreement - Products) for the price, indicated in the order form.

1.1.5. Order is considered received from the moment the Sellers Administration receives the order in Stores site management system database (the "Agreement - Order). The Shopper/registered user will be informed about the successfully generated order by e-mail, indicated in registered users registration profile form (hence the e-mail address has to be valid and fully functional at the time of Purchase). From that moment the registered user becomes Buyer.

1.1.6. The Seller has the right to restrict or suspend the rights of the Buyer in the Store, if the Buyer fails to comply with the conditions and Rules.

1.1.7. The two parties, either by oral or written agreement, have the right to cancel, change or revoke the Order at anytime.

1.1.8. Seller has the right at any time to change, edit or add additional rules, terms or conditions to this Agreement.

1.1.9. All singular points of this Agreement may mean the plural, masculine might represent feminine, if it goes without saying, and the contents of the agreement of the Parties makes these points logical and obvious from the context described in the case.


2. Protection of personal data

2.1. Any Buyer information that is related to personal data and is registered in the shop (name, address, telephone number, email address and other private information in e-shop registration form information) is collected in order to:

2.1.1. Successful processing of the Buyer goods or services, ordered by the Buyer.

2.1.2. Reduce time and cost of the Buyer during the checkout process.

2.1.3. Prevent problems related to the preparation or delivery of goods.

2.1.4. Fulfill other contractual commitments of the Parties.

2.2. Both Parties agree to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of data provided to each other, according to the active laws ofLithuanianRepublic.


3. Validation of the Agreement (moment of Agreement taking effect)

3.1. The parties agree that the purchase of goods in Store is considered to activate the Agreement from the moment the Seller sends the buyer e-mail, which confirms that the order is accepted and the goods, ordered by the Buyer, will be sent to the Buyer.

3.2. Each Buyer is protected by the Seller’s online store database, provided by the server host.

3.3. The initial order status, current order status and changes in the order status will be notified to the Buyer by email (indicated by the Buyer in registration form). Possible statuses are:

3.3.1. Order waiting approval - Buyer Seller got the job but is not approved for Order Sold Buyers do not have the requested product or seller is not familiar with the order content.

3.3.2. Order confirmed - Buyer Seller accepts the order and associated with jobs listed in the contract obligations.

3.3.3. Order canceled - The seller informs the buyer that the order is canceled. Cause cancellation of orders and possible alternatives will contact Seller to the Buyer and inform him within a reasonable time.

3.3.4. Order refund - the Buyer is informed that the money, if the purchaser has paid in advance to the Seller, are returned in accordance with Article 6.6. of this Agreement.

3.3.5. Order sent - the Buyer is informed that his order the goods are sent to the buyer at the address given by sending the selected buyer.

3.3.6. Order shipped – the Buyer is informed that the Goods, ordered by the Buyer, were packed and sent to the address, provided by the Buyer in the Order form.

3.3.7. Order preparation in progress – this status means that the goods, ordered by the Buyer, are available and are being prepared for the shipping.

3.3.8. Order is being processed – this status means that the Buyer’s Order has been received to Stores database and is waiting for Seller’s employees to be processed.


4. The price of goods and payment procedures

4.1. Product prices, declared in the Shop and the Order, include VAT.

4.2. The fee for transportation is provided when order is formed and approved.

4.3. The Buyer of the ordered goods ordered can make the payment in one of the ways:

4.3.1. Payment with secured payment system mokejimai.lt, providing payment wizard throughout all paying process.

4.3.2. Cash on delivery (pay for the courier when goods are delivered).

4.4. By placing the Order, the Buyer is committed to pay on time.


5. Buyer rights and obligations

5.1. The Buyer has the right to purchase available goods in the Shop according to this Agreement.

5.2. The Buyer has the right to refuse the goods, by sending the Seller an e-mail no later than 2 (two) working hours from the date of Order placement. If Buyer will refuse Goods according to this article, Order will be cancelled by the Seller.

5.3. The Buyer has a right to refuse accepting the shipment, if the goods are damaged or aren’t the one’s, placed in the Order. Additional items are declared as presents and do not give right to decline the shipment.

5.4. The Buyer is obliged to accept and pay for ordered Goods by an agreed amount if it has not been paid, when the ordered Goods are presented by the Courier, except the cases described in the clauses no. 5.2. and 5.3.

5.6. The Buyer must protect Stores login details from third parties. If the Buyer loses login data, he must immediately inform the Seller by filling the message form in "Contact Us" section.

5.7. If credentials, data or any contact information, provided on the registration form has changed, the Buyer must immediately update them in Store Buyers profile page.

5.8. The Buyer, by agreeing to the Rules of this Agreement, must oblige to them.

5.9. The Buyer must every time individually check for changes in Rules when he agrees with them in the check-out process.


6. Seller's rights and obligations

6.1. Seller is obliged to deliver the Goods to the Buyer from the moment the Seller confirms the order by sending mail to Buyer “Order is confirmed”.

6.2. If the Buyer is trying to damage or undermine the work of the Shop - Seller has the right without prior notice to limit the rights of the Buyer, to suspend Buyer’s access to an electronic shop or even in exceptional cases delete the Buyer’s registration profile in the shop.

6.3. Seller may suspend or terminate all work on the online Store without prior notification to the Buyer, in case of serious circumstances or event of force majeure conditions.

6.4. The Seller can change the Rules of the Agreement anytime.

6.5. The Seller has the right to disclose information of the Buyer to law enforcement authorities, if requested.

6.6. Seller must provide all of the conditions to the Buyer necessary for shopping services.

6.7. Seller has the right to send one-time reminder email for Buyer about unfinished order. Unfinished order is considered to be an order with Buyers data, but with unselected shipping option and/or payment option. Unfinished order do not oblige the Buyer to buy the products, nor to finish the order against his/her will. 

6.8. The Seller has the right not to supply the Goods to the Buyer, if Buyer does not make payment of any amount provided in the Order (except Cash on Delivery option). When payment will be received, the Buyer will be informed by email.

6.9. To deliver Buyer’s ordered goods to the Buyer at the address and within the agreed delivery period provided by the Buyer in the Order.

6.10. If the Seller, in the event of serious circumstances, an not deliver the ordered goods or products to the Buyer, the Buyer undertakes to offer a similar product. If the Buyer refuses to accept similar products, Seller shall, within 72 (seventy two) hours return the money paid by the Buyer if the buyer has made an advanced payment.


7. Delivery of the Goods

7.1. Goods are delivered within 7 (seven) working days from both Order and Payment confirmation. When Ordered Goods will be shipped by the courier, Buyer will receive notification by mail. Buyer also agrees that in exceptional circumstances Delivery may be delayed due to unexpected circumstances beyond the Seller. In that case, Seller agrees to contact and coordinate issues of delivery with the Buyer that may occur. If the Seller does not inform the Buyer about status of the ordered goods in two days, the Buyer must contact the Seller to make sure if the Order has reached the Seller.

7.2. The Buyer agrees that the Seller or an authorized representative of Seller delivers the goods.

7.3. The Buyer is obliged, together with our authorized representative to check the status of the delivered Goods at the event of the delivery. If Goods are damaged or some items are missing or some items do not match the Order, Buyer has the right to refuse the shipment, which will be refunded by the Seller. If the shipment is refused by the Buyer, the contents of the shipment must be returned to courier to be delivered back to Seller.

7.4. The signature of the Buyer in delivery documents is considered that the Goods are in expected condition, and the Buyer has no complaints towards the Goods.